Sheffield Hallam University


UI Design, App Design

Conceptual Design


This project continued to explore the concept of the

under-representation of the British public within Parliament, this time by encouraging the public to explore their own political representation - often raising questions.


The idea behind the app was to input political views in response to the prompts displayed, the number of MPs agreeing with the user’s views would deplete as the user progresses through the prompts.


At the end of the ‘quiz’ the user is presented with their results in the form of text and graphs, alongside their unique pattern representing their (often lack of) political representation. The user encouraged to share their results online to promote discourse around the issue of political under-representation.


In order to avoid alienating users or deterring people from engaging with the app, it was designed to be completely accessible. This involved avoiding a potentially 
over-complicated user interface as well as the use of any complex political jargon.