Sheffield Hallam University


Infographic, Print Design

3D Modelling



The brief for this project was to delve into a political topic and create informative outcomes in the form of a risograph infographic and an accompanying 3D printed info-objectThe topic I chose to explore was the under-representation of the British public within Parliament.

Under-representation is a huge issue causing a disconnect between the public and the Government within the UK, with only 13% of MPs representing BAME and LGBTQ+ communities, as opposed to the 20% this should be to proportionally reflect these demographics - additionally it is to be noted there are no LGBTQ+ POC MPs, nor any who do not identify as cis-gender.


Both the infographic and object illustrate this demographic imbalance in a visual manner using colour and symbols. This project aimed to shine a light on this issue in order to encourage voters to think about who they want to represent them within Parliament


This piece was featured in the annual Sheffield Hallam University politics magazine.