Women of Sin

Sheffield Hallam University


Dissertation - Publication Design


Menstruation has forever been a taboo topic shrouded in myth and secrecy. Women of Sin explores the stigmatisation of menstruation and the ways in which the media perpetuates such stigma - with a specific focus on the horror genre. The project aims to educate the reader and encourage positive discourse around menstruation.


The project consists of an extended piece of writing, translated into a physical publication



The inspiration for the book came from 1970s publications due to the link between this time and the slasher genre. Typeface choices were also made based on promotional film ephemera from this era - in particular De Palma's 1976 adaptation of 'Carrie', as well as various other Stephen King novels. 



The form of the book is the size of a VHS, to reference the way in which these films gained cult followings as a result of the invention of the VHS - also released in 1976.


The publication additionally incorporates a ribbon bookmark - a nod to religious texts - a common theme throughout the copy and visual reference.  


Colour choices were made in order to allude to the menstrual cycle; as the reader progresses through the book, the page colour reflects varying phases of the menstrual cycle.

Access the full publication here: https://issuu.com/justicesouthwell/docs/ri_book_bg