Here is a selection of my most recent works for your viewing pleasure (YAY). Explore the gallery or select a project to find out more.


Sheffield Hallam University 

Self Negotiated Project 


Print and Poster Design

This project consists of a series of publications encouraging young people to get involved in protest and politics. The publications took the form of risograph printed zines, stickers and posters - highlighting and employing the DIY elements of underground publishing methods of the 60s and 70s.

Type and colour choices were made inspired by design from

the 60s, activism and protest work - referencing punk and psychedelic movements. The poster designs visually reflect ephemera from the protest explored within the issue - issue 1 garnering inspiration from the Chinese almanac and issue 2

from hand-printed Atelier Populaire posters from 1968.


Sheffield Hallam University 

Research Inquiry 

Publication Design


Women of Sin explores the stigmatisation of menstruation and the ways in which the media perpetuates such stigma - with a specific focus on the horror genreThe project consists of an extended piece of writing, translated into a physical publication


The inspiration for the book came from 1970s publications due to the link between this time and the slasher genre. Typeface choices were also made based on promotional film ephemera from this era. The form of the book is the size of a VHS and incorporates a ribbon bookmark - a nod to religious texts - a common theme throughout the copy.  


Sheffield Hallam University 




The aim of this brief was to explore a chosen brand and develop a new wordmark to expose its negative side. 

This brief employed Karl Gerstner’s principle of iterative process which was essentially what led to the creation of the final wordmark. 


The process in itself was the main outcome of the project

for me and I wanted to celebrate this, so I chose to turn my experiments into a publication. The book highlights the development of the new wordmark whilst using materials which reflect transparency - acetate and tracing paper, with the story of L’Oréal’s dark history being illustrated alongside the typographic development of the wordmark. 

Exploring the topic of political under-representation within the UK, Compare aims to make it easy for the public to engage in politics in order to highlight their (often lack of) political representation within Parliament.

The app guides the user through varying prompts whilst depleting their number of representative MPs and developing a unique pattern representing the user's political alignment and representation.


Sheffield Hallam University 

Political Project 

App Design

UI Design


Sheffield Hallam University 

Political Project

3D Printing


The brief for this project was to delve into a political topic and create informative outcomes in the form of a risograph infographic and a 3D printed info-object

The topic I chose to explore was the under-representation of the British public within Parliament. The infographic and accompanying object illustrate this demographic imbalance in a visual manner using colour and symbols. This piece was featured in Sheffield Hallam’s annual politics magazine.